Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jumpstart World

I love when a game comes out that combines both education and fun for my kids! One such game recently caught my attention, JumpStart World. It is such a great program; I wanted to share it with you. This innovative downloadable software provides my kids with the bright graphics and games that keep them interested in an educational format that parents love. Instead of cringing when my kids start asking me to play on the computer, I can have piece of mind knowing they are learning along with the game.

One of the things my children like the most, collecting the “super gems” over the levels. Parents can reward their children for their progression with virtual gems, that keep both the child and parent involved in the learning process. Studies actually show that children learn better when their parents are involved. Using JumpStart World’s simple tool, you can create your own rewards, such as “a trip to the part” or “going ice skating,” to congratulate your children on their achievements. Parents are also provided with progress reports and frequent e-mails to stay plugged in to their children’s movement through the game.

Finally, a game that my kids keep asking to play and one I feel good saying “yes” to.

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