Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beating the Post-Christmas Blues

My husband considers January 1st as the worst day in the calendar. That's because he loves Christmas and he hates saying "goodbye" to his favorite holiday. It's truly pathetic, seeing his sad face as he wraps up the Christmas ornaments and kisses them goodbye for an entire year.

This year, in an attempt to chase away the post-holiday blues, I decided to take the family ice skating. They were falling all over the place! But, finally, they got the hang of it (if you can consider taking tiny little baby steps as "getting the hang of it"). Klara, my four-year-old girl, and Korben, my five-year-old boy, loved skating together. There was one time that Korben took off and left Klara. She wasn't too fond of that little maneuver. Fortunately, I was there watching the whole thing and brought along my Flip camera to record it all. Check it out!

I hope all of you are finding some great ways to chase away the post-holiday blues. I'd love to hear them! Also, just to let you in on one of my resolutions. I've decided to become a much better blogger (posting at least three times a week). Please, friends, hold me to it. If I start to lag, let me know. We're all in this together!


stacey said...

Thanks for the new sight, it looks great! I think you've motivated me, we haven't been skating in a couple of years, we are going to give it a shot this weekend. Keep up the great work, I really look forward to your newsleters each week, thank you.

The 4 J's said...

Hiya from acrros the pond in England. I love your website, blog, and the organization tips! I have missed the MMM so thought I'd send a little motivation your way. You're doing a great job, and are a great example of how to keep things real. Blessings to you in the New Year!


crazy UGA mom said...

great site love new look, please add more of your tips and tricks for cleaning, dealing with kids, household chores, etc. I love all that you have done on here. I would love more recipes and more vegan type also. More charts and things like that would be great. I have to hand it to you I don't know how you do all you do with all the kids you have and your business and everything else. I can't handle 2 kids and working full time. Keep up the good work. I live in Georgia and I loved your piece from Pine Mtn.