Saturday, May 31, 2008

Broken Coin Rides

We went out to eat yesterday and there were some coin-operated rides outside the restaurant. Well, of course, the little ones pitched a holy fit to ride them so I put them on the merry-go-round, stuck three quarters in the slot and the darn thing wouldn't start! Instead of disappointing the kids with a cheap-o broken ride, I told the bigger kids to push it around and sing songs.

Yes, they did it. Those are some wonderful big sisters!

The funniest part of it all were the odd looks we kept getting from the people passing by. It was hysterical. Check out the video.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Goggle Issues

Yipee! Can you hear me screaming for joy all the way from Virginia? I just wrapped up the school year with the kiddos and it's off to the pool for the summer! I love the summer because everything slows down, warms up, and lets loose. We probably spend at least five days a week at the pool and it never gets old. The coolest thing about it is that our community is relatively small and the pool is never crowded. As a matter of fact, most days we have it all to ourselves.

This was a video I took of our first day there. I went by Target and picked up goggles for everyone (and TONS of sunblock). Even though she is two, Kenna didn't want to be left out, so she got some goggles, too. Here she is trying to put them on. She was definitely having some issues!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Computer Protection

Like most of you, I basically live off of my computer. I keep up with my bank accounts, I store priceless photos, and also archive all of my video footage. When my computer got a virus two years ago and totally crashed, I was devastated! All of the poems that I write, six months of photos, gone!

That's one reason I was so stoked to see software that protects my computer. Norton 360 Version 2.0 makes it easy to keep a watch on our computers. It uses updated antivirus, firewall, antispyware, and intrusion protections. Also, the new version includes antiphishing security, which protects from identity theft. And, as an added plus for us computer challenged, it is even more user friendly. Now I can enjoy my computer--feeling safe and secure because good ole Norton has got my back! You've got to check this out!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Kid is NOT on American Idol

What is wrong with dance moms? I don't get it. My daughter, Klara, had her very first dance recital this evening and I was completely flabbergasted (that word is not used nearly enough) at the high-strung, freaked-out moms that were there. I walked in to a room that was clouded with hairspray, with tiny little mini-women running around (four-year-olds with lipstick and mascara! And don't even try to convince me that it shows up better on stage)

And the moms? Glory be! (that phrase is not used nearly enough as well) Some were very calm and kind, but then there were some that were totally over the top. One was hollering at her daughter to quit playing with the other girls because her curls would fall out! Another was yelling at her daughter for messing up her makeup! And then there was that mom in the corner with her daughter crying uncontrollably who was threatening her by saying, "Shut up or I'll take your butt home."

What is the deal?

First of all, these are little girls who are dancing. Remember what dance is? It's an artistic expression! Hello?! Expression! Not perfection!

Second of all, this is NOT American Idol. It's a local dance recital. Simon is not waiting in the audience to critique your little cutie. And she is cute. She is precious and beautiful--no matter if she has curls in her hair or not. So CHILL!

Thank you so much for letting me vent.

More Barbie Haircuts!

Klara has passed along her affinity for cutting Barbie hair to her little sister (as if Kenna wasn't dangerous enough with a pair of scissors in her hand). They were both sitting outside today cutting MORE Barbie hair. All of our Barbies now look like they tried to save money by getting free haircuts at the local beauty school--SCARY!

Hair Dos (and Don'ts)

I caught Klara trying to style Kenna's hair yesterday. This video is so funny for two reason--first, you can still see the spot where Kenna tried her hand at trimming her own bangs. And second, she didn't want to sit still long enough to get her hair done.

Ahh, sisters. You gotta love it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008