Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Kid is NOT on American Idol

What is wrong with dance moms? I don't get it. My daughter, Klara, had her very first dance recital this evening and I was completely flabbergasted (that word is not used nearly enough) at the high-strung, freaked-out moms that were there. I walked in to a room that was clouded with hairspray, with tiny little mini-women running around (four-year-olds with lipstick and mascara! And don't even try to convince me that it shows up better on stage)

And the moms? Glory be! (that phrase is not used nearly enough as well) Some were very calm and kind, but then there were some that were totally over the top. One was hollering at her daughter to quit playing with the other girls because her curls would fall out! Another was yelling at her daughter for messing up her makeup! And then there was that mom in the corner with her daughter crying uncontrollably who was threatening her by saying, "Shut up or I'll take your butt home."

What is the deal?

First of all, these are little girls who are dancing. Remember what dance is? It's an artistic expression! Hello?! Expression! Not perfection!

Second of all, this is NOT American Idol. It's a local dance recital. Simon is not waiting in the audience to critique your little cutie. And she is cute. She is precious and beautiful--no matter if she has curls in her hair or not. So CHILL!

Thank you so much for letting me vent.


my3sons said...

Oh, you have opened the floodgates now! I do not have daughters, but have witnessed this type of behavior at school performances and talent shows. It is chilling, and very sad.

As the mom of three boys, I witness another equally disturbing phenomenon: the over-the-top sports mom/dad. Constantly berating their own kids, belittling children on the opposing team, micro-coaching, extreme favoritism of your own child if you are the coach...I just want to scream, "Don't you realize that this is Little League? Your kid is not in the major league, or the minors, or even the farm league...he is a little boy just trying to have fun!!!" CHILL, indeed!!

Hannah Keeley said...

Yeah, mama! We had our own experience of that last night at my son's and daughter's soccer team. The coach was absolutely obnoxious!! My son got hit and fell down and he yelled out, "Oh, yeah, nice fakin' it, kid!"
Hello?! It's a rec league! And these are kids!

Kiss your pro sports career dreams goodbye and grow up!