Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Family Parade

Today Kyler, my 12-year-old, was running out the door when he yelled to me, "Mom, I'm going to my friend's house to pick up a book." I noticed that Oscar, our yorkie, was anxiously standing by the door so I handed him the leash and said, "Here, take Oscar with you."

Karis, my 10-year-old son overheard and remarked, "Oh! You're taking Oscar for a walk? I want to come along."

Korben overheard Karis, "I'm coming!"

Kenna came running, "Me go! Me go!"

I started to get Kenna to keep her with me but Kelsey walked in at that moment. "Hey, I'll take Kenna. I need some fresh air anyway."

Kyler just looked at me and pleaded, "Mom! Please! I'm just running down the street to borrow a book. Does it really have to be a Keeley family parade?"


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