Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pets ARE allowed!

No! You are not getting a kitten. No! You can't have an iguana. No! You can't put a collar and leash on your little sister! Why? Because who ends up caring for the pets...the MOM, that's who! Nintendo DS has just made saying “yes” to a pet a little easier. With GoPets Vacation Island kids can adopt a pet, care for it, make friends with other pets, and play games – all in a virtual world!

The pets in the game, either a dog or a cat, can be chosen randomly or matched to your child based on their interests. The pet’s name and appearance, however, is completely up to your kid. As your child makes their way around the island, caring for their pets and meeting friends, they can trade purple shells they earn for different toys and pet supplies. Your kid can also interact with other characters, and compete in mini games. Kids can also befriend new islanders, exchange gifts, and even unlock new places to visit, all while increasing their ranking and with the goal of acquiring the title of Big Kahuna, the most influential resident of Vacation Island.

GoPets even lets kids connect with other players from around the world by throwing a Wi-Fi party, allowing your child to chat with Nintendo Friend Code buddies. Through the Nintendo DS system, kids can only talk with players that they’ve given their Friend Code to, so you can rest assured that they are only chatting with approved buddies.

So, if you're sick of saying "NO!" to all of the pet requests, then motherhood just got a whole lot easier.

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