Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Super Sluggers

OMG! This game is awesome! My son, Kyler, got this game to try out and was hooked! instead of just throwing pitches and running bases, pretty much anything goes in this game. We quickly decided to turn this Wii game into a family championship so that everyone could get on board. It finally narrowed down to me versus Kyler. Kyler played the character of Diddy Kong and I was Donkey Kong. It was the bottom of the ninth, I threw a big barrel (yes, you can pitch barrels...) at him, but he slammed it out of the park and ran a home run to win the game.

Super Sluggers totally rocks. Check it out!

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Patrick said...

I just read the article about you on and I figured I'd check out your website. I gotta say you're a pretty awesome Mom for even wanting to play a video game with your kids. Thanks for showing the public that there are still great parents out there in this world.