Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the? Man eats 23,000 Big Macs in 36 years?

Let's of the top stories today was that a man ate his 23,000th Big Mac. This is news? Reading the article, I found out that this Big Mac habit is fueled by his obsessive compulsive disorder. In the past 36 years, there were a few days in which he wasn't able to eat a Big Mac. So now, he stores some in the freezer just in case he gets snowed in or something.

Go ahead, you can laugh.

But the reality is that we all have a little O.C. in us somewhere (that's obsessive compulsive, not Orange County). There are habits that we hold on to that are just as unhealthy.

How many times do we whip out that credit card when we know that we are already on the brink of broke?

How many times do we let anger take over and rob us of our right to joy?

How many times do we procrastinate over the housework, knowing full well that it's not going anywhere?

How many times do we nag someone thinking that this time, maybe this time, it will actually change the behavior?

Just like eating a mountain of Big Macs, these habits are damaging to us. We know this but we let them persist. Step back and take a deep look. Turn on the bright lights and really scrutinize your behaviors. Take these behaviors and start changing them today. Take measures to become better, fuller, richer, more abundant. Your life can be everything you dream it can be. But just like that Big Mac, we have to take it one bite at a time!

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