Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jonas Brothers Concert

I took Kelsey, Katie, and a friend to the Jonas Brothers concert and it was absolutely crazy! Imagine 8000 screaming maniacal girls in one place. I still don't understand what the insane attraction is, but I'm there with him all the way. We even arrived two hours early to stand outside and shiver in the cold. My oldest wouldn't even put on her sweatshirt because it would hide her Jo Bros T-shirt!

Here's how I know I'm old:
They screamed when Jo Jonas slid across the floor.
I wondered how his skin-tight pants didn't rip.
They screamed when Nick Jonas tore his sleeves off.
I wondered if his mama sewed velcro on the seams.
They screamed when Kevin Jonas spun around with his guitar.
I wondered if he ever got nauseas.

After the concert, we descended from the nosebleed section and wandered the halls, sneaking in and out of doorways hoping to catch a peek of the action. We ran into Valora, the band that opened for the Jonas Brothers and they were so nice! It really put the cherry on top.

No, I'll probably never understand the fascination but I understand my daughters. I'll be there to ride the wave with them. They definitely have a serious case of OJD (Obsessive Jonas Disorder)!


3 SISTERS said...

OMG Hannah that is so funny. The look on your face was hilarious. Didnt you have a headache afterwards? LOL. That is still cool that you go with your girls and support them in thier disorder. LOL

Heather & Reese said...

Oh man, that was priceless!! I love the look on your face! Too good!

I found your blog from Rachelle's agent blog and I am loving it! Thanks for sharing.


Java Girl said...

That is hilarious. I took my 9 year old to see them and I think I screamed louder that she did. Couldn't talk for a week. Great Vid.

Kendall said...

It's JOE Jonas But didn't the concert rock!!

Hannah Keeley said...

omigosh! I didn't even notice that I wrote "Jo." I guess that's how tired I was after the concert!

hannah said...

haha! thats NOTHING! yall shoulda seen me! i was sitting on a railing and i was practically howling! love those boys!


Hi there! My name is Joey, i'm 13 years old with OJD. I loved your point of view of the JB concert! It was so priceless. I hope I'm not driving my mom crazy with my OJD! :)