Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kenna finds my $$$$ lotion

I'm not usually one for the pricey stuff. If Wal-mart or Target doesn't sell it, then you can forget it. I was in New York last week and indulged in a tiny little 1/4 oz bottle of nice, thick, indulgent lotion to carry in my purse.

I guess I should have known better.

It wasn't four hours after I got home that Kenna got in my purse and pulled out the lotion. And, subsequently rubbed it all over her face and hands (and hair, and dress, and feet...).

Back to my old philosophy. If you don't want it messed with then it doesn't belong in your home. Ahhh, the family home. I wouldn't have it any other way.


3 SISTERS said...

Uh yeah this has happened to me many times and I never learn. Usually it is hair products. My husband is always on me to put things up HIGH and out of reach and I keep saying but they are old enough where they should know better. I guess not.
My mom gave me this very expensive hair serum that was amazing and my little bugger got into it and spilled it all over my bed.

3 SISTERS said...

By the way Hannah how do you stay so CALM??? I get so irratated at these things most of the time. Please tell me your secret?

Hannah Keeley said...

Hi 3 Sisters!
By this time, after seven kids, I've learned that it's just not worth it to get all lathered up over the little things. And, really, compared to raising whole, healthy, loving children, it's all just little stuff. We will all forget about the pricey lotion. The characters we build and the spirits that we mold will stay forever.

Hannah Keeley said...

Well, lots of chocolate.

Better*Babs said...

I absolutely LOVE your emails, website, and blog! They are such an encouragement to me! If I wanted to start my own website/ would you suggest a mom get started? Thanks so much,

3 SISTERS said...

"The character we build and the spirits we mold will stay forever."

Hannah thank you so much. I have to write that down somewhere and read it DAILY. I really appreciate all you do.
My sisters and I created a blog mostly because you have really inspired us. We are starting slowly but surely. I you get a chance it is
You are such a role model.

Hannah Keeley said...

Hi better*babs, I have no idea how my blog got started. I just know my hubby got on, registered me, and said, "here, blog."