Monday, February 11, 2008

Anyone for FREE Fruit Roll-Ups?

I usually go au naturale when it comes to snacks for my kids, but we live in the real world and they can't live in a bubble. I try to live in moderation, and I have found some pretty cool solutions for the usual sugar-filled events, like parties and celebrations.

My son was signed up to bring snacks for his basketball game next Saturday, and I quickly found out that organic raisins and water bottles do not go over too well. But I have to draw the line at sugar and salt overload. I got the opportunity to try out some free "personalized" fruit roll-ups, so I figured it would be a great snack for the basketball game. I got on the website and found I actually enjoyed the whole experience. First you get to pick out a design (or make your own) and then personalize it with a message (even down to the font and letter size). My son picked out a basketball player and then wrote the message, "GREG'S TEAM RULES!" (Greg is his coach). He is so excited about receiving it in the mail. I'm definitely going to be at the game to catch the team's reaction when they open up their fruit roll-ups.

So, anyway, back to the whole FREE thing. Here's the deal. These personalized roll-ups are great ideas for party favors, so I want to hear some clever party ideas. Think creatively! Anything that saves money is a great starter. Send me your clever party ideas and I'm going to post the three best ideas on my website and I'm also giving those three people a FREE order of personalized fruit roll-ups (a $30 dollar value). Don't worry. You get to personalize them, not me... Isn't that cool?! So send me those ideas!


kat said...

I love kid's parties. How about the whole cellophane idea. Party favors in colored cellophane which include the fruit-roll ups. Cover the cake in bright-colored fruit-roll ups and cellophane. Hang rolls of cellophane from the ceiling instead of streamers. You can get large rolls (at a craft store) for party games, such as a mummy race. Who can wind/unwind up a guest the quickest. Or wind up guests and have a race to the finish line. Play a cellophane twister game, by cutting out squares of cellophane and have players touch the colors called.

stacey said...

For my daughters 10th b-day we took her, her brothers, and a few friends rock climbing. A sports store in our area allowed us to use their wall for a fairly small fee. We were having a hard time coming up with a favor and treats that were appropriate for the event. My husband suggested reusable water bottles that I could write the "Ellie's Birthday Climb" and the date on. Something the girls coud keep and remember their accomplishment from. At the dollar store I found the animated fabric flowers that you often find at toy stores. I wrapped the stem of the flowers around the bottles and attached a thank you by the happy smiling heads. I filled the bottles with a "snack mix" of cheerios, whole wheat chex, raisins, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips. The girls loved it and I felt good that I hadn't filled them full of garbage. We had cake as well, what is a birthday without cake? These took a little more time then just buying something predone, but honestly we had a blast doing it, not to mention it was our favor, snack, and thank you all in one!

Hannah Keeley said...

Great ideas!!! If you could e-mail me at, I can put you in the running for the FREE fruit roll-ups. Don't forget. I need your e-mail address in order to give away the prizes.

lisa marie said...

I just had a bithday party for my 3 and 4 year olds in october . I made a Pinata for each girl. It is easy and FUN and to make about $5 max to make. One girl loves blue and the other pink. So I made one blue one and a pink one. It was pretty big too for that size it would have been about $30. My neighbor taught me and from now on I will always make them. Yeah I filled them with candy but you can get baggies and fill each baggie with something good.
Plus for each kid I go a clear cellophane bag and filled it with stickers and cute little things and wrapped blue or pink ribbon around them for favors.

Hannah Keeley said...

I want to know how to make the pinatas, any advice? I would love to do a video tip showing how. I'm sure a lot of moms would like to save money that way. Do you paper mache a balloon?

3 SISTERS said...

I will email you how I did it Check out my Blog.I am Now 3 sisters not LisaMarie . My sister made me change it. Haha