Sunday, February 3, 2008


My two oldest girls (13 and 14) are insane over the Jonas Brothers. It's gotten to a dangerous level of obsession! Personally, I know way more random trivia about the Jonas Brothers than I feel comfortable admitting...

Am I alone in this or are there other moms with obsessed daughters? Nick, Joe, and Kevin are becoming a part of the family and I haven't even met their mom yet. Hmmm, weird.

The other day they were making a youtube video of them dancing to a Jo Bros song (wow, how original!), and I popped in to it just to embarrass them. It didn't work--they still posted it Check it out:

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Isaac&Jacobs Mommy said...

I love reading your blogs. Mostly because I love seeing how you interact with your children. I love that your not afraid to get silly with them. That's what I do with my kids, granted they aren't teenagers yet but I'm looking forward to being silly with them for many years.