Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hubby Does the Laundry

I was away in New York City yesterday, and my husband, Blair, was kind enough to do four loads of laundry as a surprise for me. When you've been married as long as I have and have as many kids as we do, that's about as big of a surprise as you could ask for. But let me clarify what Blair considers "doing laundry." It goes a little like this:

wash clothes
dry clothes
dump clothes

I came home to find four loads of clean laundry dumped on the floor at the foot of our bed (waiting for me that mysterious someone to come and fold them; aka, me). I was way too tired to fold last night and just crashed in the bed. This morning, after I got out of the shower, I heard Klara and Kenna playing in my bedroom. I caught them making "clothes angels"--(imagine snow angels, minus the snow, add the laundry). It was hilarious! Fortunately, I caught them on video.

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3 SISTERS said...

Lol that is so funny. At least your hubby makes the effort and does it. But wasnt everything wrinkled? My Dh never does laundry I dont think he even knows how to use the machine. LOL.I had my own laundry drama the other day too. First I washed his voice recorder and then a week later his wallet. So he was a bit put out about his wallet while he was trying to use his voice recorder and said, "I wonder what is wrong with this thing?" I had my back to him the whole time while I was washing dishes so I didnt even want to look at him but I said ."I have no idea" But he could tell I knew so I had to confess. LOL. Now I try not to be in such a rush I told him he needs to check his pockets because I am always in a rush.