Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Froose is Loose

I received some Froose juice drink (it comes in those little aseptic boxes) for my kids to try out. First off, I thought, "so what, another packaged juice for the kids...big whoop!" Personally, my kids don't drink juice that much. I figure, it doesn't have any enzymes, no fiber, why not just have water? However, I took a closer look at the box and was surprised when it promoted the fiber of whole grains. Now, that's something I can totally get into.

I let the kids try out the Froose, and was surprised at how much they enjoyed it. I felt like a bartender, cutting them off after a couple of boxes. I found out later that the inventor of Froose was a mom like me, very disgruntled at the food industry and how they market to kids and parents. She decided to invent a juice that contained fiber, so it wouldn't be just empty calories.

Way to go, Mama! I like your style! Check out their website for more information.

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