Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barbie Gets a Haircut

I remember when as a little girl, I always wanted to cut my dolls' hair (and did so on several occasions). One time in particular stands out in my mind. I was outside with my mama's good scissors, hacking away at my Barbie doll's hair. What started out as long, cascading waves soon became a hairdo that resembled Sergeant Carter on "Gomer Pyle USMC." I was terrified that I was going to get chastised by my mama, so I stuck the doll's head in my dog's mouth to cover it with a nice layer of dog spit and then proceeded to explain to my mom that Doodie (yes, that was the name of our dog) chewed up my Barbie doll's head. I was a great actor, even going to the extreme of faking tears.

Today I walked outside on the back porch and found Klara giving her doll a new 'do. I laughed to myself and complemented on her talent. I then ran to get my camera. The haircuts, the coloring on the wall, the spills, messes, and stains--it's just all part of this beautiful thing called life. The greatest gift we can give our kids is not how to keep out of trouble, but how to take chances and make mistakes...kind of like this Barbie's haircut! Check out the video:


3 SISTERS said...

OMG Hannah !!!!! Those are the same scissors that my 3 year old hacked her hair off with. They were also BLUE!!! That is hilarious. At least you little one cut barbies hair and not her own.
I was at my restaurant and bought my girls scissors to keep them entertained while I got some work done. I had them at the first table so I could see them but I went in back to wash a few metal pans and when I came out it was like a scene in a horror movie. There was hair everywhere and a customer walked in right at the same time!!! I said " I swear we are still serving tacos not a barber shop"
I was so embarassed and horrified at the same time. I didnt know what to do. She sut of both pony tails. Needless to say she now has a short bob.Good thing I used to be a hairdresser.

Pajama Mama said...

Oh the sweet innocence of a child. She is so serious too. I love how she speaks so softly as she concentrates. Your daughter is adorable, Hannah!