Saturday, January 19, 2008

Katie is a Teenager!

Today is Katie's birthday, and she turned thirteen! It seems like last week she was wandering around the house in her plastic high heels, Barbie underwear, with one of my old handbags thrown over her shoulder, stuffed full of her very necessary toys and pretend makeup. Thirteen has always been a very special birthday around here, and I've been planning her gift for a long time. She got a yorkie puppy--something she has always wanted, but never voiced because she knew the rule of "no indoor pets" was iron clad.

Okay, so I bent the rules a little bit.

It's not everyday a special little lady becomes a teenager. Now instead of pretend makeup in her bag, she can carry around her yorkie!!

Check out the video of when she got her gift:


lisa marie said...

Happy Birthday to Katie. That was such a cute video. Thank you so mush for sharing your life with us. I really look up to you and have learned so much.

Bridg said...

That was so sweet. I'm sure she enjoyed her birthday! What a grateful young lady you have!

lea said...

hey keeley family!

someone sent me a link to your blog and said "you must have known her at furman because you both seem exactly the same" and they wondered if all furman girls were as crazy as i am (and you seem to be). hmmmm, i didn't know you there (i was class of 89- ooooh, that seems like a long time ago when i type it up like that), but we SHOULD have been friends!

love the "i can't breathe" comment by your daughter, how much fun was that moment for you? don't you love to really SURPRISE someone? what a fun clip. we got a flip camera for christmas and my three kids are all over the yard and house with it, filming all kinds of marshall movies!

Maddie, of course! said...

Hi Hannah,

Just found your book today. I spotted it while at the library with my 5 homeschooled kids for our weekly pillaging of the shelves! What a great read and SO very close to what I have been talking about with the mom's in my Hs group.

Your version is TOTALMOM and mine is as a Domestic Anarchist, reinventing motherhood and showing it off as the enriching ( but sometimes enraging) life that it can and should be. You are doing a great job!.. I look forward to dropping in on your blog again sometime soon.