Sunday, June 1, 2008

Book Burning

Summer is officially here! Karis asked if he could burn his math book (his most despised subject in school), so we had a campfire tonight. And, yes, I let him burn his book. Of course, I had to deliver a message about how books are to be treasured, but it didn't matter much as he stood there by the fire with an evil glint in his fourth grade--oops--fifth grade eye.

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Robin said...

Funny (because I'm twisted) and true story: I know a kid who decided to burn his English books after his 7th grade year was over. Unlike your son, he decided to do it on his own, in the garage. He burned his house down! I heard his dad talking about the incident with pride, "Hey - he did everything right - he left the garage and called the fire company."
I had many a book burning fantasy in my youth, but they all ended in the surety that I'd probably burn my house down. Kudos to you and your son for accomplishing this feat sans destruction!