Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Polly Rocks!

My daughters have always been big fans of Polly Pocket. Secretly, I've been a closet fan myself. Klara never has to twist my arm to play with her and her Pollies. We got the Polly pool the other day and my son had a blast putting it together for Klara and Kenna. He even had a great time playing with it, too. He took it to the pool under the guise of bringing it along for Klara and Kenna, but he was hanging out near the edge of the pool playing with the girls. If a 10-year-old boy can enjoy playing with Polly Pockets, then you KNOW it's addictive!

Polly also has a cool birthday contest going on. If your daughter (or SON) sends Polly a birthday party invitation Polly will send her (or him) a personalized birthday card on their birthday, and she (or he) will automatically be entered to win the ENTIRE line of 2008 Polly Pocket toys. One girl (...or boy?) will be selected each month from now till the end of the year. I just wanted to pass this info along to my fellow Polly lovers.

Here's Polly's address (given her small size, I can see how she lives in a box)

Polly Pocket
P.O. Box 877
New York, NY 10108


stacey said...

Thank You so much! My niece will be so thrilled to get a card from Polly! I was so sad when my daughter decided she was to old for her polly's, but she decided to pass them on to some other little girls to enjoy. The funny thing is everytime we go visit the girls she is the first to play Polly!

Alex Elliot said...

I have two BOYS who love playing with Polly Pockets. They're 2 and 4.5. We have a few of them in our house.