Monday, June 30, 2008

Get Naked!

My boys were in desperate need of new bunk beds, so I did what any average mom who's trying to stay within a budget would do. I searched for used furniture on I needed two matching sets because I have three boys that bunk together and enough stuffed animals to comprise an entire bed. After realizing I would never find two matching USED pieces, I begrudgingly ordered two overpriced sets of bunk beds online. I was so disappointed when I got them because they were missing several pieces, so I sent them back.

I then (begrudgingly, again) ordered two more sets, slightly higher priced. When I received them, three pieces were broken! I wanted to cry! I had already sold their old furniture. My boys were sleeping on the floor. And here I was out MORE money with broken furniture. So I sent them back. If furniture can't stand up to shipping, how in the heck are they going to stand up to three rowdy boys?!

My friend was over when I opened these boxes and witnessed my breakdown. She's the awesome kind of friend who doesn't let you bellyache. She just comes up with a solution. So, she handed me my purse and sent me down the street to the naked furniture store (you know, unfinished solid wood furniture. I just like saying, "naked.").

In less than twenty minutes, I walked in the store, found two matching bunk beds that had actually been finished, and bought them for LESS than what one set had cost me online. It is solid wood and I'm supporting my local community. I feel good and the boys are, finally, off the floor.

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Nancy said...

I love this story! Yes, good bunkbeds are hard to find. Glad you finally got what you needed!