Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kyler turns TWELVE!

I can't believe it. Kyler is already twelve! We had a birthday party here, and he got a real Indiana Jones hat and a leather whip to accessorize. The boy is officially Indiana Jones crazy! He's been out cracking the whip all morning (literally!).

During the party, I realized that I was short one candle. How could I do that? It wasn't enough that he had to suffer with used pink and purple Barbie birthday candles (yes, I recycle them), but now he only had eleven of them! So, I did some fast thinking and stuck a french fry in there and lit it--it actually burned!! Can you believe it?

So I guess Kyler turned eleven and a fry...

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Andelin said...

Wow, that is inovative! It amazes me the things the mind can come up with when we're in a pinch!