Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Rock!

As most of you know, my oldest girls are Jonas Brothers fans (Obsessive Jonas Disorder to the extreme). So, of course, tonight we were all tuned in to the Disney channel to watch the premiere of "Camp Rock." We even bought the party pack and made a cake for the occasion--complete with a guitar painted out of red icing!

So, we'll just put it this way. Some sing, some act, some do one or the other. Some--and Disney found a way to scope them out--can't do either one.

But, that's just a mom talking. The kids loved the movie and they licked the cake pan clean! Overall, it was a success! I guess I'm going to be listening to that soundtrack for a very looooong time...

What do you think?


stacey said...

It was OK, but not enough to keep my ten year old awake. Which meant we got to watch it yet again on Saturday. There seemed to be a lot of lip synching, and no close ups on anyone singing in certain parts of the movie, which made me wonder if they really were the singers. The Jonas Brothers were good, but not actors! I'm in your boat Hannah, like the movie or not I'll be hearing the soundtrack for a while or at least until the next High School Musical hits the theaters.

Pattie said...

I agree...I kept thinking the whole time...this sure isn't High School Musical. It almost seemed like they just whipped it together really quick. The quality just was not there. On a fun note....I told the girls that I am taking them to see the Jonas Brothers in three weeks just after the was a big surprise!! Any advice for me Hannah...since you took your girls to see them before? Will I need to sport some ear plugs??