Saturday, August 9, 2008

happy piggies!

Kenna crawled up in my lap yesterday, and like I do with all of my babies (while they're still babies), I doodled little happy faces on her piggies. This takes just seconds, and kids always get a kick out of it. There's nothing like a chorus line of happy piggies to bring on the giggles. Go ahead! Get that skinny sharpie marker and color some happy faces on your baby's piggies (or even your own).



3 SISTERS said...

That is so cute. I will add that to my This little Piggy went to the mall routine.
I miss your videos girl!!!!

Jennifer Lynn said...

You have been such an inspiration to me ... filled my mind with helpful tips and wisdom and my heart with laughter and smiles. I've registered once again for my Monday Motivations, as I have not been receiving them as of late - but always check in for the latest Keeley Family news. Your inspiration has prompted me to begin my own blog of artwork. Grab a cup of coffee and stop by any time! (smile)

Too Busy To Shop, Kelley said...

I love this idea... makes mom seem so carefree and fun and my kids LOVE when I have fun, too. I willtry this one... tonight!

Hannah Keeley said...

You beautiful women are so awesome. I am inspired by you constantly. As for the Monday Morning Motivators. They are starting again in mid-September when we launch a new website and new newsletter (cool stuff going on). Also, I have a full collection of them in an e-book that is going to be available in a couple of weeks. Woo Hoo!