Thursday, August 7, 2008

Starting school has never been so chic!

I was lucky enough to get some AWESOME office supplies the other day (and I don't use all caps with pure abandonment--these cute notepads, folders, sticky notes, and binders were absolutely adorable). They are called Simply Chic Eye Candy and you can pick them up at any Wal-Mart. Forget the old solid blue, yellow, green notebooks and folders with pictures of kittens and puppies. These are things you definitely want to show off, whether you're updating your home office or sending your kids off to school.

And speaking of updating your home office, they are having a contest right now to win a complete collection to glam up the office (or the locker, as the case may be). My kids have gone so crazy over these office supplies, that they are actually trying to make up excuses to buy more of them (NO! You do not need five binders and six folders for one History class...).

Check them out and make sure you visit the website for more details on the


Shirley said...
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Hannah Keeley said...

Totally! You can really make your dollar stretch! And with seven kids I am all about that!

test said...

I like Walmart too. But my daughter likes Target better.