Thursday, August 21, 2008

My girls met the Jonas Brothers!

I totally shocked my two oldest girls the other day (Kelsey, 15, and Katie, 13). I took them to Virginia Beach on Tuesday (for one last girls day fling before school started). And they were under the impression that we were just going to enjoy the beach. Secretly, I had secured tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert and even finagled some meet and greet passes for them.

They were SHOCKED when I surprised them with tickets; and when I told them they were going to the meet and greet, they almost went into cardiac arrest. It was AWESOME! All I have to say about the Jo Bros is that they are total gentlemen. They made Kelsey and Katie feel completely special. Here are three boys who have the teen world at their feet, but they are completely humble and down-to-earth. Evidently, their mama must be doing something right.


homeschoolceo said...

Um, I think that definitely qualifies you for Mom of the Year! You are so cool. Lucky girls :D

Kim said...

I am afraid to show this picture to my girls....for fear...they may....stop BREATHING!

I saw Blair at Target while you guys were gone and he told us about his! How fun!!!