Friday, August 8, 2008

PC games go ECO

As an environmentally conscious mom, I'm always trying to drive an earth-friendly message home to my kids. How cool is it when a video game does it for me? A company called Fluid entertainment has just launched a PC game called, "Emerald Island." But, forget about earning points by beating up the other guy or finding your way through a maze.

In Emerald Island, kids ages 6-12 engage in a story and team up with Tamino, the game's hero, to prevent the destruction of the Island's landscape. Emerald Island is threatened by the ravaging Pirats. The game hinges on an ecological theme, which inspires the kids to become champions and trusted eco-heroes.

To navigate through the game, kids create a highly personalized character with loads of possible combinations, plant and cultivate 150 species of plants, trade with friends, participate in challenging quests and play engaging mini games. Kids immediately enter an expansive world of exploration and imagination that will leave them with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Is that groovy or what?!

The game is still in development, but you can get a sneak peek by playing it before it's even released! Here are the download instructions:

Visit the website
• Go to and click “Play”
• Enter Access Code: green617

Download the game
• Read the rules and license agreement, check the box to agree

• Click the green button to download the game
• Select “Run” and follow the installation wizard
• Click “Finish” when it is complete

Sign up
• Select “Let’s Go Play”
• Follow instructions to create a username and password
• Confirm world choice "Aspen," when prompted

• Enter Emerald Island and have fun!

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